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Retain memory change to ZERO

6 days ago
  • maralani - 2023-09-18

    HI Guys,
    I made code that worked perfect , just add few Retain variable, now I got the problem that some other Retain variable change to zero when I run the code , I am not able to change the value of that retain variable.
    what can be problem?

  • snhatton - 7 days ago

    I think more information is needed to help solve the issue. Can you list the exact steps to reproduce the issue? What version of Codesys are you using? Did you add a persistentVars object to your project? I would recommend browsing all instances of the retain variable to see all possible writes to the variable in question.

  • maralani - 6 days ago

    thanks for help,
    I add some retain variable , then some other variable change to zero , andI was not able to change the value


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