PFC200. Firmware ver 12 with Codesys 3.5 SP14.1. ipkg not found

  • arv

    arv - 2019-04-03


    I had installed Wago firmware //Firmware Release 03.00.35 (12)// on 750-8203. And after that I had try to install Codesys 3.5 SP14.1 runtime. At the end of installation the message "ipkg not found" was appeared.

    Finally I tried //Firmware release (11)// and Codesys 3.5 SP14.1 was installed successfully.

    Should I send request to Wago or this issue is already known?

    Best regards,

  • sumkrnboy

    sumkrnboy - 2019-04-11

    This is already a known issue.

    It seems that a solutions is being worked on.


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