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dark background in text editor?

Joan M
  • Joan M

    Joan M - 2017-08-25

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to select a darker theme?

    I definitely would prefer a darker IDE to work and a dark background and white fonts.

    I have not found an option in the currently used IDEs...

    As always, thank you all.

  • Anonymous - 2017-09-11

    Originally created by: Viacheslav Mezentsev

    I waiting dark theme too.

  • schaepper

    schaepper - 2017-09-11

    Would be nice to have a good text editor first before going for dark themes...

  • FSYS

    FSYS - 2019-04-18

    In the new version V3.5SP14 there is a option availible to choose between a dark and a light theme for the text editor
    But you can't edit the syntax colors in the codesys options.

    But you can edit the colors in the installation path\Codesys\Themes\ in the .editorthemes files.
    Just open these files with Notepad and change the colors.
    It's a bit complex, therefoere I've created a tool to do this for you and the tool also let's you create new thems: Download (Link Updated 24.04.2019)

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2020-08-17

    Can the text editor dark theme be activated for online mode?

    • i-campbell

      i-campbell - 2020-08-17



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