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Runtime device Enable/Disable procedure

  • ValeMazzoOMD - 2018-07-25


    Someone have already tryed to Enable/Disable a device by ST code? do you know a procedure to do it?
    I ve already looked for an example in the Store but nothing.

    Thank you in advance,
    Valerio Mazzoni.

  • Thomas - 2018-07-26

    Dear Mr. _,

    what exactly want you do?

    Stop/Start the runtime, Stop/start the application (project) or to want to Enable/Disable a feldbus?

    In last case, pleasse check this example: https://store.codesys.com/caa-device-di ... re=default


  • ValeMazzoOMD - 2018-08-01

    Thank for the reply.

    I ve already seen this example but don't work properly on my device (Asem HT3000 + Win 10 LSTB). I'm looking for another procedure/libary that allows me to do the same things ie the runtime enable / disable of the ethercat slaves.

  • laruso - 2023-10-27

    I implemented the parts from the CAA Device Diagnosis Example.project and could use it for switching on and off, the CAN devices that were located under the CANbus and CANopen_Manager. But i can't do the same with I2C_master_test_version or devices below this one.

    In the example project there is only the EtherCAT Master, CANbus and CANopen_Manager, and Ethernet with devices below.


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