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CNC coordinate shifting

  • samedctn

    samedctn - 2022-11-23

    Hello Colleagues,

    I want to offset the x and y axes before I start processing the g code.

    Actually I need to do this operation with SMC_TRAFO_Gantry2. When I enter a small value like 5, it works with offset. The result is as I want, but when I enter a value higher than 5, for example, 20 or 10 axes try to advance too much and the following error occurs.

    I couldn't find why this is happening. The situation did not change even though I limited all velocity and acceleration values.

    I don't want to make shifting coordinate system with G54. Because every time G code processing is finished, I have to shift over and over again.

    I need your help.


    Last edit: samedctn 2022-11-23
  • bruno-roth

    bruno-roth - 2022-11-29

    If you are using offsets with SMC_trafo_xxx you have to know this values are direct added to the axisposition.
    To limit gaps and dynamics you need to limit in the axisconfiguration and with SMC_controlaxisbypos.


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