EtherCAT ESI and DDF files

  • Anonymous - 2020-02-13

    Originally created by: erichsieh


    I'm a new guy on Codesys development and have a question about EtherCAT.
    As I know, when I import an ESI file, there will be a device description file created, named "device.xml".

    After that, when I tried to add some user specific parameters in device.xml, then import it again, the parameter seems not visiable in Codesys V3.5.
    I suppose there should be a "Parameters" Tab visible.
    Or the DDF file should not be modified?

    If anyone can help this?


    IMG: screen shot.PNG

  • Monica

    Monica - 2020-02-13

    I have the same problem...

    Does anyone have a way about the question?


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