need help about softMotionlight

  • pach30

    pach30 - 2020-08-18

    Hi ,
    I'm lost !!
    in the help , i can read the following :

    A drive must fulfill the following requirements of use with CODESYS SoftMotionLight:
    EtherCAT or CAN support
    CiA 402 support, especially in the following operating modes:
    Profile position mode (for MCMoveAbsoluteSML / MCMoveRelativeSML)
    Profile velocity mode (for MCMoveVelocitySML)
    Homing mode (for MCHomeSML.
    If the drive supports one of these modes, then you cannot use the respective function blocks.

    So ,if I understand , I can't use SMC_Movexxxx and SML_Homing if my drive is Cia402 Compliant ???

    How should i do ?? just with Control word ?

    Thanks in advance

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-08-18

    This is a translation error.
    If you switch to German, and translate the sentence, you get instead "If the drive does not support one of these modes, you cannot use the corresponding function blocks."


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