getdone - 2021-06-01

I am coding a gantry application, and be confused about the interpolation cycle time.
There is an option in "CNC settings" - "Preinterpolation" - "Cycle time". Its help says, "Cycle time [Β΅s]: here the interpolation time can be set. Default value is 20000Β΅s""Interpolation time and cycle time have to match for identical behavior of CNC editor and online application. This applies for the task that calls the interpolator."

And for FB SMC_Interpolator, there is a input "dwIpoTime". Its help says, "This variable has to be set for each call. It represents the cycle time in ΞΌsec."

Do these two cycle times mean the same thing? and should they be same with the Task Cycle Time?

Also I want to know, what is the preinterpolation? any difference with SMC_Interpolator? I cannot find more information in the help.

Thanks for any answer!


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