Getting SMC_ERROR 34 SMC_AXIS_NOT_READY_FOR_MOTION, while the axis should be ready for motion

  • magne - 2023-02-26

    Hello Everyone!

    I am a student and pretty new to Codesys and Motion control systems in general.
    I am having a problem in my Codesys project where i keep getting the SMC_ERROR 34 SMC_AXIS_NOT_READY_FOR_MOTION. What i find strange is that i am getting this error while the status output on my MC_POWER functionblock is true.

    I am using the WARP Device (CODESYS SoftMotionRTE V3 x64) and the SM_Drive_Virtual device.

    What am i doing wrong? any help would be greatly appreaciated!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2023-02-27

    Check Drive.fbeFBError in the watch window for the error history.

  • magne - 2023-02-27

    I have done some searching through Codesys help and i am not sure if i found the watch window you are talking about, I found in the View tab Watch 1-4 and "Watch all forces", is this correct? there are no errors appearing in these windows under simulation

  • magne - 2023-02-27

    Its working!

    Thank you very much eschwellinger,

    I had set the task cycle time to 50ms, i dont know exactly why but that seemed to be the problem, it is working after i set it back to 20ms.

    is it a hard limit to how long cycle time you can have for motion FBs to work? or is it possible to use a longer cycle time?


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