6DOF articulated Robot Kinematics

  • intvenkat - 2023-02-22

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there any documentation to understand 6DOF articulated Kinematics blocks in Axis-group, In the go to Definition section it is limited

    For using FK block 'SMC_TrafoF_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF' I have to create separate variable for DH parameters

    Direct axis group parameters I am not able to link & the parameters here are less when compared to axis group

    The output values I am getting when using RoboAnalyzer software & codesys are different
    How to approach this kinematics part of codesys

  • intvenkat - 2023-03-08

    Thanks George
    the thing is when i was comparing Forward Kinematics Values from 'SMC_TrafoF_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF' of Codesys & Roboanalyzer outputs are not matching, because link twist value in column 1 is actually -90 as said in 'SMC_Trafo_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF' documentation, but in axis group it is shown as +90 which is what i require but not present in program which is found when compared with roboanalyzer software

    So is there any way to change column values of link twist & joint offset


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  • gseidel - 2023-03-08


    no, it is not possible to change the link twist for SMC_Trafo(F)_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF.

    If the robotics kinematics Kin_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF uses the convention for link twist you expect, you could wrap it into two FBs with the same inputs/outputs as SMC_Trafo(F)_ArticulatedRobot_6DOF and use these FBs with your CNC application.


  • ByCNC

    ByCNC - 2023-05-31

    Merhaba Georg,

    Daha önce bana yardıma dokunmuştum bunun için minnettarım. Yeni bir sorunum var belki alabilirsin? Şu anda CNC Interpolasyon ile yarıçap işlemi yapılırken X-Y eksenlerinde aşırı titreşim oluyor. Yarıçap yumuştamak için "bdAngleTol" değeri değeri. Yolu yumuşatmayı başarsam da bu yol aşırı vuruşlu hareketi ortaya çıkarıyor. Bunun için fikrin olabilir mi ?


  • gseidel - 2023-06-12

    Hi ByCNC,

    here is the automatic translation of your comment, as I do not understand turkish:

    Hello Georg,

    You've helped me before and I'm grateful for that. I have a new problem maybe you can take it? Currently there is excessive vibration on the X-Y axes when doing radius operation with CNC Interpolation. The value of "bdAngleTol" to smooth the radius. Even if I manage to smooth the path, this path reveals excessive pulsating motion. Can you have an idea for this?

    Thank you.

    Are you using SMC_ToolRadiusCorr? Is this causing the vibration? Are you using SMC_SmoothPath for smoothing the path?

    Best regards,



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