igunadi - 2021-07-19

Hi There,
I have a softmotion project where I need to adjust Max Torque parameter from the drive (Beckhoff EL7221).

What is the best method to perform the operation?

What I have done:
- Operation of MC_Power, MC_MoveAbsolute, MC_Reset works
- Process Data Output enable of 16#1604 DS402 Torque Limitation
- Using MC_ReadParameter to read (Referencing Parameter Number 1162(DINT) from AXIS_REF_SM3 documentation https://help.codesys.com/webapp/wNtcxam3ElKcGivMvJ0g5AmPgg8%2FAXIS_REF_SM3;product=SM3_Basic;version=
- Currently ERRORING out on the instruction SMC_RP_REQUESTING_ERROR



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