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compil error when try to use MC_Power_SML

  • mos89@yahoo.com

    mos89@yahoo.com - 2019-10-01

    Hi i try to use an example using MC_Power_SML
    i have the following error when i try to use my proper axis:

    Type 'SM3_Drive_ETC_DS402_CyclicSync.AXIS_REF_ETC_DS402_CS' is not equal to type 'AXIS_REF SML' of VAR_IN_OUT 'Axis'


    BIZON - 2019-10-02

    What servo you use?
    Try CDS SP 15

  • mos89@yahoo.com

    mos89@yahoo.com - 2019-10-07

    BIZON hat geschrieben:
    What servo you use?
    Try CDS SP 15

    Hi i am using elmo servo i have replace my MC_Power_SML by MC_Power

    i can compile but i still have issue with my drive


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