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Drive Profiles with CNC

  • ctdtm

    ctdtm - 2013-05-17

    Are the CNC libraries compatible with the CiA402 profile (aka DS402)? I understand that I can perform basic SoftMotion using the single axis PLCOpen motion function blocks on a network like EtherCAT via the DS402 profile, but can I also use CNC motion blocks on DS402? Or is there some reason why the
    DS402 cannot be used with CNC?

    Also, is a CNC axis defined using the same AXIS_REF_SM3, or is it a different kind of datatype altogether. If it is different, is a CNC axis an extension of AXIS_REF_SM3?

    Thank you for your help.

  • conoscenza

    conoscenza - 2013-10-17

    Hello ctdtm,
    DS402 is a standard where you can find more different "mode of operation", like CSP, CSV, CST, PV, PP, Interpolation, HOMING and so on.
    When you try to realize a CNC, you want to realize a system, not the single axis.

    So, in a CNC system you can use more axes, with AXIS_REF_SM3 structure, and command their by CSP, I think.
    In other words, yuo have to interpolate different profile with smc_interpolator, then you assign at your axes a position profile (cyclic synchronous).

    I hope this information help you.



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