ridvan-ozturk - 2021-11-18

Hello Everybody;

3 Axis gantry system. When in use MC_MoveLinearAbsolute or MC_MoveCircularAbsolute FB's running a few merge positions with Transition_Mode:=TMStartVelocity.
Group Axis appears an error when in the movement cycle.
Error Name " Queue underrun: no element left in the queue. ".
But system working cycle principle and generally in normal working but sometimes giving this error.
Apoxitmily 3 times in 500 cycles in one day. By the way, there is no difference between the previous and the next cycle position.

Cpu multicore system on Linux runtime. Soft motion task time 4 ms. and Planning task is in " Freewhiling " on some CPU core.

Codesys version and 3.5. Sp 17 and SoftMotion library Version is 4.10

Also attached Codesys version export file.

Could you please let us know your thoughts and suggestions?