ken0508 - 2020-09-24

Hi everyone
I need to use tweening(interpolation) for CNC .
Then I made the CNC FB & used variables of G_CODE to control the motor.
Call CNC FB to transfer variable function, but it is found that CNC only works when the motor position is 0 (origin).
Otherwise, It will return to the origin alone and move again.
And I don’t want to use the SET POSITION let motor position=0 every time.
This method doesn't not good.
When I need a tweening(interpolation) I call CNC FB .
But before that I used the SOFTMOTION method to control the movement of the motor.
Therefore, the position will not be at the origin,
As a result, it can’t continue tweening smoothly,
I checked and found that bStopIpo of SMC_ControlAxisByPos will be true.
But I check the velocity of motor(or virtual) has been increased,
I want to use SOFTMOTION & cnc tweening(interpolation) to control motor.
But there will be problems at the moment.
Do your predecessors have any solutions?

Thank you