Config. Error on SM_Drive_GenericDSP402

  • Hummek1904 - 2017-01-09

    Hello together,
    I want to replace an older Codesys v2.3 programm. So i started to create a new project.
    I add a CANbus in my project. In addition i add a CANopen manager under the CANbus (with default config.).
    After this, i placed the eds files of the CANslaves into the manager. In the PDO of the motor slave devices I add the same like in the older project.

    I want to use Softmotion so i add the generic drive (you see in image).

    After that i want to test the motors with the onlineconfig. mode but it doesnt work.

    The bus probably seems to work, because the status shows running.
    But the generic drive's status shows me configurationerror.

    I dont find my mistake. What do i do wrong ? Or did i forgot something ?
    Thanks for help!

    Here some more Screenshots of the details.

    IMG: PDOmappingalt.PNG

    IMG: Devicetree.PNG

    IMG: Buslaeuft.PNG

    IMG: Konfiguartionsfehler.PNG

    IMG: Online.PNG

    IMG: Onlineallgemein.PNG

    IMG: PDOonline.PNG

  • beppo - 2024-01-31

    I'm having similar issue but with EtherCat drives.
    Did you solve this?

    Thank in advance,


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