Type SM3_Drive is not equal to type SM3_Drive

  • altus22 - 2023-03-01

    I have a project for a Parker PAC PLC that compiles without errors or warnings until I change something, and then the project won't compile and has 38 errors. Almost all of the errors are Type 'SM3_Drive_ETC_DS402_CyclicSync.AXIS_REF_ETC_DS402_CS' is not equal to type 'SM3_Drive_ETC_DS402_CyclicSync.AXIS_REF_ETC_DS402_CS' of VAR_IN_OUT 'Axis'. The small changes that I've tried to make are not near or related to the POUs that are indicated by these errors. A change as small as declaring a new local boolean variable, and the project throws those errors and won't compile. Screen shots of a compilation with no errors and a sample of the errors are attached. Has anyone seen behavior like this? Thank you in advance.

  • altus22 - 2023-03-13

    It turns out that there was a mismatch between SoftMotion library version. Going to SoftMotion version fixed the compilation problem. The C0032 error led me to think it was a library version problem.


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