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Continuous MC_PositionProfile

  • niallel - 2024-04-11


    Is it possible to have a MC_PositionProfile that runs continuously again and again without stopping the motor and starting again.

    I have a profile that contains about 50 steps that I want to repeat. At the end of each run the motor comes to a stop before the next one starts.

    My code checks for Done, then resets the Execute to False before setting Execute to True to run again, and I think this is causing the motor to go to standstill before starting again.

    There doesn't seem to be a BufferMode option like with MC_MoveAbsolute.

    Is it possible to do this?

    Many thanks,

  • niallel - 2024-04-13

    Looks like it's not possible, so I take it using Cams is the way to do this.

  • gseidel - 2024-04-30

    Hi niallel,

    yes, you are right, Cams would be the preferred mechanism.

    Best regards,



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