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Codesys + Raspberry = Beckhoff EL7211-0010

  • mascara

    mascara - 2021-10-14


    I have a problem moving the EL7211-0010.
    I made the change to EL7211-0011 according to the library's PDF manual.
    I was only able to write in the button "Write EΒ²PROM XML" - I believe that it writes the Codesys xml file in the EL7211.
    The button "Write EΒ²PROM ..." asks for a binary file, this file could not be found on the manufacturer's website. It has an xml file corresponding to the motor used in the driver.

    Here's a video of what's happening when I enable the EL7200-0011.

    Link video:


  • mascara

    mascara - 2021-10-15

    I performed the software update by TwinCat 3 and I still have the same problem.
    When I enable the MC_Power block, the motor will rotate to the opposite direction of the current position.
    Does anyone know what's wrong?


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