bennyb - 2021-05-05

Hello Forum users,

I want to make the following axis configuration:

The square is a rectangular (with rounded corners) workpiece that rotates around a rotary axis.
Perpendicular to that axis is a linear axis. When the rotary axis rotates, the linear axis should follow the workpiece on toolpath.

What would be the best way to approach this?

Would it be the best to use a linear XY axis system and somehow convert one of the linear axis to a rotary movement (in some cnc's this is a Gcode function)

Or is it possible to always let the linear axis follow the rotary axis in this profile? The dimensions of the workpiece vary so in this case the profile has to be variable.

I have looked to the robotics polar kinematics (kin_polar) but unfortunatly these kinematics don't support CP movements...