net-au - 2019-09-27

Hi all,

I have a CA signed SSL Certificate which we are using on some other servers and wish to also use on an IOT2040 device running Codesys Control for IOT2040.

I have read some documentation for the SSL certificate on the webserver as well as the forum posts here ( l viewtopic.php?t=5835#p25039 l ) and here ( ... 014#p19186) which concern the topic.

I have tried to add the certificate through the Security Agent add on in Codesys 3 v15.1 and by creating a PKI directory on the device however neither of these seem to work and the Security Agent keeps generating a self signed certificate for iot2000.

It is worth noting that this certificate was generated from my pc, not on the IOT2040 itself, but this hasn't stopped it from working on another web server. I imagine this would be fine as long as all of the necessary information is available

So my question and aim are hopefully to provide some clarity about the whole SSL situation for the built in Webvisu server. Where do we have to place the signed SSL certificate and private key in order to get them to work correctly with the WebVisualisation portal? As well as location of the files, are there any other steps which must be taken (e.g. file names, commands which need to be run, etc.?)

Thank you and regards,