FESTO CMMP-AS servo drives over Ethernet/IP

  • boldive

    boldive - 2017-03-15


    I made sample project, installed FESTO FHPP library
    https://www.festo.com/net/en-ca_ca/Supp ... _5_5_1.zip
    , add devices (from eds files provided by Festo) to Device Repository.
    https://www.festo.com/net/en-ca_ca/Supp ... -AS-M3.zip

    Now it is time to add drives into project.
    Right click on Device in project tree => Add Device => Ethernet/IP > Ethernet Adapter > Ethernet
    Now, with right click on the Ethernet I should be able to Add Device which is my Festo drive. I don't see any Festo drives in the list, I search them, no luck. They are still visible in Device Repository.

    If I do something wrong, is any tutorial available with description how to add servo drive(s) into project?


  • boldive

    boldive - 2017-03-30

    As an update, finally I have got it running. Can confirm that FESTO CMMP-AS servo drive can be controlled on Beaglebone platform via Ethernet/IP.

  • Greenearth

    Greenearth - 2018-11-19

    I have a project very similar to this using machine learning, vision, MQTT and RPi3. Boldive could you perhaps offer advice for me?


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