BUG2: CoDeSys Axis-modulo tracking error

  • Anonymous - 2008-02-19

    Originally created by: Nicolai_Hanssing

    Setting up an axis with positionmodulo, where the physical resolution pr turn is not a integer in drive-increments causes the position to drift when multiple turns are performed on the axis.

    Motor: 4096 inc/rev

    Gearing 640:28

    TechUnits: 360 dgr modulo =>

    .iRatioTechUnitsNum = 63

    .dwRatioTechUnitsDEnom = 16384

    .fPositionPeriod = 360

    .dwOneTurn = 93623 (Wich is not precise)

    .iRestNumerator = -9

    It is clear that after 63 full turns you will have a integer-no of incrments:

    No increments = 36063 / (63/16384) = 36016384 = 5898240

    And the AXIS_REF.iTurn also reaches this number (63) before roll-over, but the

    position in AXIS_REF.fActPosition still does not track correctly.

    Axis started in:

    .dwActPosition = 0 inc

    .fActPosition = 0 dgr

    After running for some time:

    .dwActPosition = 834859476 (Raw 32bit position from drive)

    .fActPosition = 89.151 dgr (Not correct - I think)

    If I perform modulo calculations on that I get: 94.049 dgr as ActPos as correct


    But if I calculate by using .dwOneTurn I get: 89.15dgr as ActPos!

    Clearly CoDeSys is not tracking the modulo residuals correctly .....

    When the roll-over occurs the variable .iPosOffSetForResiduals get updated every modulo turn, the resudual value shifts by dwOneTurn.

    But when .iTurn rolls over .iPosOffSetForResiduals does not get corrected by

    'iRestNumerator' as it should since:

    iRatioTechUnitsNum * dwOneTurn = 5898249 = fPositionPeriod*dwRatioTechUnitsDEnom - iRestNumerator

    Am I completely of the bat here?

    Or is this a bug in CoDeSys Softmotion?


  • Anonymous - 2008-03-03

    Originally created by: Nicolai_Hanssing

    3S Software has acknowledged, reproduced and solved the bug described above. The residual issue is solved by Hilmar Panzer in SM_DriveBasic.lib ver. wich has yet to be released.

    To make sure your not affected by the bug, just confirm that your modulo-value in drive increments are a whole noumber. This can be read out from the AXIS_REF.iRestNumerator == 0.


    Nicolai Hanssing, M.Sc.

    Delta Elektronik A/S



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