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Two drives on one axis, Gantry Robot

  • Anonymous - 2019-04-05

    Originally created by: TK_Jenssen


    I am setting up a gantry robot with X,Y and Z-axis.
    I am using two x-axes with their own drive, like the picture attached.
    What would be the correct way to implement the programming for the synchronized x-drives.
    To attach two SMC_ControlAxisByPos to the dx of SMC_TRAFO_Gantry3 like shown in the attached example?
    Or to use another way of synchronizing, AxisGroup, master/slave....??

    Thanks in advance for help, regards Tor

    IMG: Gantry setup.jpg

    IMG: Gantry program.JPG

    • arnog - 2023-08-25

      Hi TK_Jenssen did you found a solution I am setting up the samelike gantry only with two z-axes which are mounted on fix position with an X axes between the two z-axes. The movement and position of both z-axes must be very well aligned and calibrated. Maybe also to be adjusted by programming. Can you sent an example of your solution?

  • emdoubleyou - 2020-07-10

    I would also like to know the answer to this question. I have tried to use the MC_GearInPos to sync the master X to the slave Y, but it does not immediately sync because crossing the MasterStartPosition is required.

    Also, if anyone has any clever ways of homing a system with dual x-axis like this I would be interested to see an example.

  • alejho

    alejho - 2020-07-10

    What about using simply a MC_GearIn and then act like only the master exists?
    Of course I would do some checking at the slave status to be sure is always ok (status, torque...)

  • emdoubleyou - 2020-07-10

    My understanding is that the MC_GearIn is only trying to sync the Master's velocity to the slave velocity. There will always be some error in the syncing of velocities, and therefore your positional error could build over time without correction. The advantage of the MC_GearInPos is that any positional discrepancy build would be automatically handled. Maybe I don't fully understand how the MC_GearIn works?

  • loraul - 2020-07-13

    MC_GearIn synchronizes master and slave position, then two axes run at same velocity. MC_GearInPos is used to link two axes like MC_GearIn but two axes are synchronized at specific position. For example, is we have two module axes with 360 degrees and we can synchronize the axes with a 30 degrees offset we can use MC_GearInPos, two axes run at the same velocity but the position between each axis differs in 30 degrees.


  • emdoubleyou - 2020-07-13

    Ah, I re-read the MC_GearIn documentation and see that it does state the position will be followed if in Positioning Mode. Thank you for the help!


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