mike-at-gms - 2020-12-14

I have been looking around the forum but I am not finding what I am looking for.

I have a motion project using virtual axes objects linked to real axis objects. The motion is working fine but I had a problem with objects on different cycles.

I had my axis object setup to 'Use parent bus cycle' but my EtherCat Master was set to 'MainTask'. This caused my motion FB's to abort. I went through and changed all by axes to use 'MainTask' and this fixed my errors.

I can look at hTask of my axes with them set to 'Use parent...' (through the debug window) and I can see it is different than the result of IecTaskGetCurrent() for MainTask.

How can I read the task of an axis through the program (since hTask is private) so I can determine if my axes are on the same task cycle (incase I forget to change the setting)?

Thank you.