rafael.aldana - 2019-02-26


I am trying to implement MC_MoveVelocity and MC_GearIn on two axes. Both the Master and the Slave axes are in Cyclic Synchronous Position operation mode.

Question 1: Is it possible to change the velocity of the Master axis (via MC_MoveVelocity) and the gearing ratio of the Slave axis (via MC_GearIn) simultaneously?

It looks to me like either the Master axis has to be InVelocity in order for the MC_GearIn instance to perform a proper gearing or the MC_GearIn has to be InGear in order for the Slave axis to properly follow changes of velocity on the Master axis.

Question 2: Does MC_GearIn subscribe on Actual Position or Set Position?

If executing MC_MoveVelocity and MC_GearIn simultaneously does not perform the expected motion, I could execute MC_MoveVelocity on both axes after the gearing ratio to be performed and take care of aborting the one MC_MoveVelocity if the other MC_MoveVelocity is aborted or throws an error.

Thank you very much in advance.