CNC programming - M function

  • Peter.skokanek

    Peter.skokanek - 2018-06-22

    Is it possible to find somewhere more detailed description how to use M function. The explanation in "Codesys online Help" is not very usefull.

  • dwpessoa

    dwpessoa - 2019-12-13

    Hello Peter,

    I don't know if you can find a solution yet, but I'll post an answer here, because it might be useful for someone else.

    When a M function is called, the [SMC_Interpolator] block will indicate the function number at output [wM], and then stop all movements and wait for [bAckM].

    It is possible to send parameters using [SMC_GetMParameters] too (I didn't get to test this).

    According to DIN 66025, there are some fixed M-functions (like M30 = end program), but I did not find a definition in the codesys documentation. As far as I tested, the limit for function M would be 2^16.



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