Anonymous - 2019-09-11

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I have a v3.5.15 application with a 3S Ethernet/IP scanner communicating with a Hilscher ‘NT 15 RE EIP to Profinet’ adapter. The devices are configured and working correctly.

My problem is knowing if/when the Hilscher device ‘stops running’.

My application works fine. However, I found that if I stop the code at a brake-point the adapter stops updating:

My issue is that I cannot determine programmatically that the adapter is not updating (the eState variable shows Running and the sDiagString does not change):

The CodeSys IDE knows that the adapter is not running:

But neither the adapter or does the Ethernet/IP Scanner device knows the adapter is not running:

If I toggle the xReset variable of the adapter, I can see the eState variable cycle through its states back to Running and the adapter starts updating.

How can I know if the adapter has stopped running so I can reset it?

Thank you.

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