*EXCEPTION* SysWindowSingleTask

  • yuanke

    yuanke - 2020-11-03

    when i use codesys in linux system on I.mx6dl board,something wrong occured.I just change the task's run priority level and cycle time.After download application to board,the screen keeps black after i click run button.The codesys log which showed me is "ExceptionSysWindowSingleTask 0x2dff20 0x683bb150 0x7428a9a8".

    IDE:CODESYS V3.5 SP16 Patch 2 + (64-bit)

  • yuanke

    yuanke - 2020-11-03

    another picture of the codesys shows

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-11-03

    The what I can find on SysWindow handling (SysWindow)
    The SysWindow component provides access to the window handling of the graphical environment. The target visualization typically runs in a window.

    There is more info here on page 450.

    It reads like it handles the target visualization window by using the window manager in the OS.

    Maybe either something is not functioning correctly in the linux environment or there is something different in your linux distro so that Codesys is no longer able to work with the window manager.

    • yuanke

      yuanke - 2020-11-04

      Hi,thanks for your reply.I just have no method to solve this problem.
      Those codesys errors do not appear everytime,means that the errors occured randomly .And when i changed the codesys's code and download to the board,this also may make the sceen black.When the screen is black,the same appearance of codesys is "ExceptionSysWindowSingleTask".Here i post the CODESYSControl.CFG file.


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