dslgomes - 2019-01-15

Hello, I need help to config RaspBerry Pi as Profinet Device Hardware SImatic STEp7 5.5.
The Raspberry Pi isnt connect with PLC, and show as Module configured, but not available.
I already try a lot of things and didnt work. Program CodeSys was based on http://forum.codesys.com/viewtopic.p...p=16870#p16870 2RaspiProfinetController_PNDevice.project .

Follow printscreen whats happening:

IMG: 20190115_170819.png

IMG: 20190115_170808.png

IMG: 20190115_162941.png

IMG: 20190115_162259.png

IMG: 20190115_162312.png

IMG: 20190115_162321.png