Raspberry Pi 3 Modbus TCP Master and Arduino Mega Modbus TCP Slave

  • KasperP

    KasperP - 2018-11-02

    alecudr hat geschrieben:
    I am attaching the project done with M-DUINO and Raspberry Pi 3.
    In this project Raspberry with Touch Screen 7 ", is ModBus TCP master function,
    and M-Duino (Arduino Mega) has ModBus TCP Slave function.
    http://www.industrialshields.com/en/sho ... g-digital/
    The CodeSys project are including :
    1. Alarm Manger
    2. Language manager
    3. Data Base (like retain variable) is a file on Raspberry SD card
    {if Raspberry suddenly turns off, the configuration data is retrieved from SD.}
    4. Visualization
    5. Ladder function example
    6. ModBus TCP Master

    Great work. Ineterresting example


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