Beagle Bone Industrial Runtime Install Error

  • girimugundan

    girimugundan - 2020-09-01

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to interface a Panasonic A6 servo via EtherCAT to a SanCloud BeagleBone Industrial board. Whilst Installing the runtime via SSH in CoDeSys, I ran across this error. The program compiles and runs on the BeagleBoard and have not run into errors so far. I would like to know the significance of the error message.


  • girimugundan

    girimugundan - 2020-09-23

    Hello Morberis,

    I have been developing my application with CoDeSys runtime on the BBB for more than two weeks now without any issues. I still get the same warning but the code seems to compile and run fine.

    Giri Mugundan Kumar


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