OpenCV CoDeSys library: Non-RasPi hardware: Simple shape tracking

  • Anonymous - 2019-11-21

    Originally created by: fk5

    I have a Wachendorff/Topcon display that I am programming in CoDeSys, and I'd like to use openCV.
    Is it possible to run the CoDeSys openCV library on devices like this?
    It has a composite video input that I can receive a camera feed from.
    My goal is to find the easiest way to track an object's distance from the camera and its left/right angle.
    I can define the object physically.

    It will likely be a flat metal rectangle plate, painted a bright color. Then I need to determine the position of the rectangle as it moves forward and backward 1-10 feet, and also left and right as much as 3-5 feet.


  • Anonymous - 2020-02-11

    Originally created by: fk5

    Does the CoDeSys OpenCV library work on any non Raspberry Pi hardware?


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