Cant login to Rpi4 but can see it in codesys communications settings.

  • kthomas - 2024-06-22

    I have been struggling for over a week to program my rapspberry pi 4 with codesys. I purchased the license. I installed the runtime and the gateway, and I can see the pi in the communication settings. But cannot log in. I have checked the status of the pi with sudo systemctl status codesyscontrol and it is running. I have enabled traffic to and from the pi with iptables and checked the logs and all looks good. I just cannot connect through the codesys ide. Can anyone help me before I lose my mind?

  • nano - 2024-06-23

    which ports in detail are configured.

    the search of the rts works via broadcast-messages, programming with tcp-port on p2p-connection woth port-hopping, handled by runtime after siccesfully handshake.

    look at this entry on forge

  • kthomas - 2024-06-23

    This is what I see in codesys window. And here is with the netstat command on the pi


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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-06-23

    your device in the device tree is Pi 64 online you have Pi MC (32bit)
    - update device in the device tree to Pi MC then it will work.

  • kthomas - 2024-06-23

    Thanks that did it!


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