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CharBufferString - Initialize from a WString

  • stmos

    stmos - 2020-11-12

    I can't find a way to initialize a CharBufferString from a WString.

    I've done something similar for a STRING:


        astring     : STRING(1000);
        cbs         : Stu.CharBufferString(uiBufferSize:=2000, stringType:=__SYSTEM.TYPE_CLASS.TYPE_STRING);
        pst         : POINTER TO STRING;


    astring:='... a very long string ...';
    pst := cbs.m_cbpBuffer;

    But I can't find a "FromString" method that takes a WSTRING.
    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

  • sgronchi

    sgronchi - 2020-11-12

    You need to use the method Initialize passing the pointer to the WSTRING and the proper __SYSTEM.TYPE_CLASS, i.e __SYSTEM.TYPE_CLASS.TYPE_WSTRING.

  • johndoe67

    johndoe67 - 2022-07-20

    Hello stmos,
    I just start to work with the CharBufferString. Do you maybe have a simple example project to understand how it works?

  • stmos

    stmos - 2022-07-20

    I'm sorry, but no... I don't have a sample project at the moment. I'm not even really an expert with the CharBufferString... 😒

  • johndoe67

    johndoe67 - 2022-07-20

    Ok, thanks for the quick feedback


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