boomtownblues - 2021-02-01

Hello everyone,

Apologies if this isn't the right subforum to post this in. I'm running two Beaglebones with Codesys on them to control some motors. These Beaglebones are intended to be powered continuously with no power. Unfortunately after roughly a month of continuous operation, these PLCs seem to get into a fault state and hang up - but not quite getting hung up and simply stopping at a line of errant code. Here are the symptoms:
-The Beaglebones stop communicating over the network. For example, Beijer HMIs are reading 0 / null values.
-I can't log into the PLCs after they reach this state. I can only log back into them if I power cycle the Beaglebone and download the code again.
-It's reliably gotten into this state after roughly over a month of normal operation.

I found a similar error in a piece of Machine Control Studio code (for NIDEC drives but essentially uses the same IDE) where we were storing Time and a variable would overflow in value after 45 days, causing the code to hang up. I have a handful of TON blocks but no variables storing time continuously that would pose an overflow risk.

The only TIME related variables I see are in a Datasource I'm sending between these two Beaglebones (see attached). It's odd because I don't have any DATE_AND_TIME or TIME_OF_DAY variables declared yet my cross reference search shows that they're in the Datasource somehow?

Has anyone run into issues such as this? Thanks