huunghiaubot - 2 days ago

Hi there,

After some time research and using CODESys for some simple applications in my factory. I decided to develop my own PLC system base on CODEsys and Raspberry Pi ("I designed PCB and in assembling"). I need to write my own drivers in more advanced to interface with other modules, not just use supported interface drivers. Since then, I've compiled a list of questions about CODESys source code. How can I freely use Rasp peripherals(SPI, I2C, etc.) for my drivers? I don't wanna add my modules under SPI, GPIO, I2C in the root tree project. Is it possible? I wanna use SPI1 or UART1 on the Rasp, how can I configure them for CODESys to use?

At the end of the day, do you have any tutorials for being a CODESys developer?