Codesys Encrypted Application on Dongle

  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-18

    I need a help in the theme Dongle and application encryption.

    Details :
    Raspberry Pi 4 with Runtime Multiple Core Licence
    Dongle CmStick/B

    Objective : The application(encrypted with Know-How-Schutz) should be copied to Dongle along with License.

    Benefit : In case the Raspberry is inoperable, my customer gets a new Raspberry with just Runtime installed on it, without any problems, he would just put the Dongle in the new Raspberry...machine is running again.
    i don't have to give my customer my source code and thats how Know How is saved.

    i could transfer the license easily on the dongle. the license is transferred without any problems, but could not transfer application. i don't know exactly how it happens.

    i tried following,
    a. Dongle in pi
    b. pi new start.
    c. Application properties -> encryption -> simple encryption.
    d. download ..... error cmContainer not found. error 200

    please help.
    Thanks and regards


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  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2020-12-18

    I hope I am not mistaking but this can be done even without the encryption I think πŸ€”
    You could precompile your program and download the precompiled binary on usb stick. This binary can be uploaded into the runtime. In this scenario your customer has got only a precompiled code and no source code at all.

    Further Information on distribution of precompiled code (not to be mistaken with a precompiled library!) can be found in the help and also here on forge.

  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-28

    Thank you. It helped with copying
    to the device.
    One more question ..
    Can somebody do reverse engineering to my binaries?
    If yes then is there any way to avoid that?


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