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aws iot core client library in rasberry pi

  • maheshwaran430

    maheshwaran430 - 2020-03-07

    hey all,
    i had new to this codesys platform.i had watched some of the vedios and came to know about , we can use aws iot directly from the codesys platform.but i had searched more in youtube but i didnt get any vedios of it.if any one done any projects ealier with this.please guide me on this .
    Thank you


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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-03-07

    If you go to the product page you will find "download all product data sheets as .zip". In it you will find a 15 step procedure to get you up and running. I feel it is light on the "what to do in the Amazon Web Services admin page" which makes sense, because really that is for AWS to document (and they have). Next week I will have access to a longer document with some detailed steps for the AWS side.

    Essentially they are:
    - Install CODESYS Security Agent
    - Create an AWS IoT Core Device,
    - which is attached to a certificate that matches the one on your device,
    - which has a policy that lets your CODESYS device do four things: connect, publish, subscribe, receive

    I would also take a look at the Crypto example in the store. It should be possible to use this to do some of the certificate stuff for you in IEC code, as 15 steps for every controller you deploy, is maybe 14 too many :)

  • maheshwaran430

    maheshwaran430 - 2020-03-08

    i had installed the aws package but ,it is not a free package.we have to pay for that package.is anybody have open sources to use it for free


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