johan76swart - 2019-03-27

With reference to topic

I am running a Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ and 7” touch screen with the same problem. The Webvisu removes the localhost client and about 22 seconds later creates it again. I however have not seen this done when I connect form my web-browser. The remote client gets created and stays created. Is this an inherent problem with the localhost setup?

I have the localhost setup as per link :

My Setup is as follows:

  • CODESYS 3.5 SP11 Patch 3 + (32-bit)
  • CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi

Any help would be appreciated.

Below is a bit of the log from cat /tmp/codesyscontrol.log showing the problem.

tmp_codesyscontrol.txt [7.45 KiB]