Watchdog reset or restart Plclogic

  • DavidBo

    DavidBo - 2020-10-08

    I thought naively that by enabling the watchdog the Plclogic would be restarted when a timeout occur, but all I get is an exception and my task stops.
    How can I restart a task when a watchdog exception occur?

    I can see I can add an Event handler for an exception but which function should I call to restart my task or application?

  • dFx

    dFx - 2020-10-18

    If watchdog triggers, then you may have an issue, setting up watchdog time or in your code.

    I recommend you to investigate your issue (what task failed watchdog ? Do your normal cycle time is near watchdog time ? Do you have loops with bad exit conditions ?)

    Watchdog is not a mechanism designed to restart plc, but to stop it and prevent machine/operator damage.


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