Ethernet/IP communications with Omron PLC

  • Binarii

    Binarii - 2016-11-22

    Hi all. We want to thank you all your support in this forum. We are newbies in Codesys and thanks to this forum we communicated succesfully the RaspberryPi and a CJ2 Omron PLC, between Ethernet/IP. Pi as adapter.
    If someone have troubles configurating the Ethernet/IP we can help you.
    We are going to stay tuned in this forum in order to learn things and help others!

    We want to show you a little video controlling the Omron PLC with the webserver: m

  • Mudraptor72

    Mudraptor72 - 2018-10-12

    I have seen your application and would like to ask you if you can forward the codesys in advance.
    Thank you

  • mettabix

    mettabix - 2021-03-16

    Hey, I'm trying to establish a connection from my raspberry pi to CJ2M over ethernet/IP can we get in touch?



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