Raspberry Pi - Creating own I2C library and use it without device description.

  • audi0615 - 2021-03-02


    I would like to create my own I2C libraries with help of https://forge.codesys.com/drv/io-drivers/doc/I2C/?version=1
    However, I need to use it in Runtime without adding devices into a device tree in Codesys Development System which means i need to dynamically add I2C devices with IEC code.
    Is it possible to just instantiate the library FBs and use it in Runtime?

  • audi0615 - 2021-03-03

    Thanks Mr. Edwin.

    It seems the example project direct access to I2C_Master address without using I2C library FB.

    What if i add I2C_Master and instantiate I2C library FB and use it? (no connection between I2C_Master and I2C device library FB) Nothing happen?


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