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Variable Sync Issue In Soft Plc Redundancy

  • arundara - 2023-12-01


    I was trying to create a redundancy POC for our application where we read data from few modbus tcp devices. As there is a limitaion that modbus tcp device support only for single master device, we wanted to test how the variable sync happens in redundancy mode. For that i have used the redundancy sample code added a variable "b" under a condition. What i observed was while active controller is running, if passive controller is powerup, passive controller is able to sync all the data configured for redundacny. But after that the variable data which resided under a condition is not synching from active to passive controller.
    I have attached the image where i have highlighter the variable.

    Can some help me to understand how redundacny work in codesys soft plc and if there is a solution to sync variable which are under condition, please explain the same or suggestion to achieve the same.

    Hardware - Raspberry Pi (2 qty)
    Redundancy licence used - yes in both controllers.
    Codesys runtime -
    Codesys software version - V3.5 SP19

    if i have posted this question in wrong section, please do let me know in whcih section i have to post this question.

  • arundara - 2024-02-13

    i understood that we have to use sync variable function. when i used this i was able to achieve on the requirements of our project.

  • acc00 - 2024-03-11

    Hi arundara, I'm also experimenting with Redundandcy. Is the sync variable function the following: "RedundancySynchronizeData()" ?

    Does the Task time increase a lot when you activate the sync function?


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