Remote user management on Raspberry Pi

  • Anonymous - 2019-06-03

    Originally created by: s.a.van.steensel

    Hello everybody,

    We're trying to activate remote user management on (for now) 2 Raspberry Pi based controllers.
    According to the CODESYS Online Help pages, this should be possible.

    We created a project with two devices (both CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi MC SL, version, activated user management in the first device with several usergroups and users.

    When activating remote user management in the second device, we get the error "Using of a remote user management is not supported for datasources.".
    We do get the pulldown menu to select available user managements.

    Does anybody have any idea how we can get this to work, or what we are doing wrong?

    With kind regards,

    Simon van Steensel

  • popipe

    popipe - 2020-11-04


    I up this post because I do have the same problem with Wago's PLCs. I cannot get the remote user management to work.

    Best Regards,


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