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Package manager

5 days ago
  • suyash

    suyash - 2022-07-05


    When I am attempting to install some packages, I am getting msg - telling me to download the latest Pakage Manager from the codesys store! I am not able to find 'Package Manager' on the store.

    Am I expected to download the latest Development Environment instead?

    Best Regards,
    Suyash Thatte

  • shan

    shan - 2022-07-06

    If you are using 3.5.16.X versions of IDE then codesys package manager is part of that installation itself. Just try to install the development environment properly to suppress your reported error. "Codesys Installer" is introduced in the place of "codesys package manager" from versions. You need to use this for any package related work. One more to add here is "Package designer" is also dropped from

    • timothyzalusky

      timothyzalusky - 5 days ago

      I am having issues getting packages installed through Codesys installer, as I get an error that essentially says the package is not 64 bit compatible (I get this for a number of official packages). What is the recourse here? Is this an issue with Codesys installer or is something else going on with my install?

      It seems that Codesys installer, though great for maintaining Codesys installations, seems to have issues with a number of existing packages.

      • h-hermsen

        h-hermsen - 5 days ago

        My anwser is based on some info I heard but I cannot recall when been exactly I heard it. As far as I know 64Bit IDE compatibility for the CODESYS has been introduced relatively recently (2018/2019 and in phases) in order to accomodate optimal use of hardware resources in x64 based windows platforms, among some other compiler and memory consumption optimisations. To put it simply, some PLC programs in CODESYS installations grew so big that they reached the physical limits of the 32 Bits Windows OS. So, to overcome this issue, a 64bits version of the IDE had been planned. Every package which is not 64 bit compatible can be used in the backward compatible 32bit version of CODESYS IDE available through CODESYS installer. So, some packages will not install in 64bits IDE by-design due to DLL incompatibility. Some of these packages, like the package manager, are to be replaced with an entirely new overhauled design which enables a more optimised usage for CODESYS installer and the newly introduced software modularity. Because of this the old 32bit package will not get a simple upgrade for 64bit usage. I am not entirely sure this is 100% correct but the explanation seems plausible to me. Maybe someone from CODESYS could step in and anwser/explain if this is correct or not?


        Last edit: h-hermsen 5 days ago

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