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Max number of communication channels with hmi

  • pbcbm

    pbcbm - 2022-04-14

    I have a plc Eaton XC303 with 8 HMI connected. If I want to connect just on more I can't. I have disconnect all the hmi. Under device page, shell plc, I send "channelinfo" command and the respose is:

    CmpChannelServer channel information:
    Maximum 8 channels (at timestamp 109477)
    Channel 0: OPEN PROCESSING AddrPeer 30CA.C0A8.896F.800F, ChannelId 50168, ComBufferSize 95776, LastRxTime 109476, LastTxTime 109466
    Channel 1: FREE
    Channel 2: FREE
    Channel 3: FREE
    Channel 4: FREE
    Channel 5: FREE
    Channel 6: FREE
    Channel 7: FREE

    It is obvious that the plc can handle a maximum of 8 channels. It's a plc's limit? It's a codesys' limit? How can I find a workaround?
    Thank you and sorry for my english.

  • pbcbm

    pbcbm - 2022-04-18

    It works! Thank you very much!


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