ethernet/ip data exchange problem

2 days ago
  • cheol hong kim

    cheol hong kim - 2019-08-31

    Ethernet/IP (Codesys Win V3 SL , Fixed IP :
    Schneider PLC M241 (Based Codesys) , Fixed IP :

    Connection is Successful using M-241 EDS File.

    However, Data don't exchange !

    Attachement file : Codesys Project file & M241 -EDS File

    IMG: ETHER_IP_2.png

    IMG: ETHER_IP_1.png

    M241 ETHERIP_TEST test_hmi test_hmi PC (2).zip [351.99 KiB]

  • pach30

    pach30 - 3 days ago


    I've the same problem ! Did you find the reason ?

  • cheolhong96

    cheolhong96 - 2 days ago

    I resolved the problem.

    M241 ESD is the problem.

    So,DataExchange is successful using Codesys Generic Ethernet/IP device.

    Below Reference


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