Janz-Tech emPC-A-iMX6 runtime randomly dies

  • AlexD - 2021-12-06

    Hi! I have a project on a Janz-Tec PLC it may work more than 1 month or just for few days. The runtime is hanging (only fresh download help) absolutely randomly.
    I tried to upgrade the Element Collections library to version hopping the problem should be solved but after that the project didn't download (no sufficient memory on plc error).
    Help please

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-12-07

    In such cases first check the plclogger for more information
    cat /tmp/codesyscontrol.log
    and doing the implicit checks with checkbounds would be a good point to start to investigate the application.


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  • AlexD - 2021-12-08

    Hi! I was able to download the project, there was a device description vs runtime mismatch,
    - runtime
    - project
    (no warning at download!)
    Runtime was updated after second attempt (/opt/janztec/watchog folder delete error)
    Hope no more faults, fingers crossed


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