PFC200 - Modbus TCP Server

7 days ago
5 days ago
  • damian177

    damian177 - 7 days ago

    I try connected WEINTEK HMI with my PFC200 (CODESYS v3.5).
    Firstly, I try only read register according with documentation for example :
    variable in %MW0 should be in 12288 modbus register. But it doesn't work.

    So, in my project I add ModbusTCP_Slave_Device and it is works. I can read / write data form HMI.
    Why in my project in Mapping window I have only input and holding register? How can I read coils ?
    I can use M memory area? - not Q.
    It is possible write/read REAL variable ?

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 6 days ago

    Hi Damian. It looks like you are trying to setup a modbus slave to talk to your Weintek.

    Is it easier to use the CODESYS V3 (Ethernet) driver on the Weintek? Page 150 of this document for the details.

    For coils, in the current version, you need to tick "discrete bit areas" in the general tab of the modbus TCP device.

    The modbus TCP device is only for %I and %Q areas, and can be mapped to specific tags.

    • damian177

      damian177 - 5 days ago

      Exactly, the CODESYS V3 driver from Weintek is amazing simple. I left Modbus. Thanks for help.


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